Captain Communication 1

Captain Communication #1 is out!

Planning and preparation for an expedition race starts long beforehand. Athletes have been building fitness and skills for years before reaching the Untamed New England starting line . . . so it’s only appropriate for our race organization to match your commitment and intensity

Light & Motion Joins with Untamed New England

Untamed New England announces that Light and Motion will be the official lighting sponsor for the 2014 Untamed New England Expedition Adventure Race.

Light & Motion Joins with Untamed New England

L & M will light up the 100 Mile Wilderness! Read the full press release.
Untamed New England Photographer Focus

Photographer Focus: Vladimir Bukalo

Vladimir Bukalo is an adventure photographer living in the mid-Atlantic region of the USA. He's covered a number of Untamed New England Adventure Races, and some of our other endurance racing events.

Photographer Focus: Vladimir Bukalo

We work with a variety of adventure photographers, and Vladmir Bukalo is one of our favorites. Here's Vladimir's photo gallery from our 2012 expedition race.

Photo Gallery

Vladimir's professional website is at

The latest from our Race HQ blog -

Train in Hard Conditions (published 4/9/2014)

Race Destination Partner
Race Destination Partner

Race Destination Partner: the AMC 100 Mile Wilderness

Visit to learn about the race Destination Partner: the AMC and their 100 Mile Wilderness region. It's a fabulous network of trails, forests, rivers, and mountains.