Untamed New England Prizes & ShelterBox Leaderboard

Untamed New England Prizes and ShelterBox Leaderboard

Race Prizes

→The Premier division (4 person coed team) winner will receive a $5,000 cash prize.

Other race prices to be determined based on sponsor support etc.

For 2018, Untamed New England and ShelterBox have joined forces to establish prizes for the top fundraising teams. This is not the complete list of prizes, but a sampling of prizes related to fund-raising:
  • Top 4 fund-raising teams by July 1 win their choice of the VIP Moose or Bear Packages (see below for package summaries).
  • First team to reach $1,000 in fundraising wins a set of ShelterBox bike jerseys.

VIP Packages

“Moose Package” is lodging for your team Monday night (July 23rd), and dinner with Untamed race and ShelterBox leadership (strictly social, no course details to be discussed). This is available to two teams.

“Bear Package” is luxury transportation pre-race (Tuesday, July 24th). Details will be revealed on the 24th. This is available to two teams.

Prizes are being added into the summer, so this information will expand as particulars are finalized.

To be clear: these fundraising prizes are independent of the race results and will not provide material advantage on the expedition race course.