Untamed New England Adventure Race

Quick Facts

  • Race date June 22, 2013
  • 12 noon Start
  • 6-hour race
  • A subset of the larger 24-hour Untamed New England race course
  • Trekking only -- no biking or paddling
  • Individual racers (but teams of individuals are also welcome)

Sugarloaf Solo

This is a race for more novice adventurers, but still true to our *untamed* roots. This race is 6 hours of trekking and navigating the wilderness of the Sugarloaf region.

If you're looking for information on our 24-hour adventure race, refer to the other pages on this site starting with the 24-hour Race Overview.

Race Format

The Solo is open to individual racers, but teams are also welcome if you want to compete together. The traditional "team only" format to our adventure races is relaxed for the 6-hour Sugarloaf Solo.

The race begins at 12 noon on Saturday, June 22nd. Race maps and instructions will be distributed at the starting line, meaning no competitors will have prior knowledge of the route or course details.

All the checkpoints in the Sugarloaf Solo race are optional, so competitors can feel free to skip any checkpoints that they want. The competitor who gets the most checkpoints wins the race. In a case where multiple competitors finish the race with the same number of checkpoints, they will be ranked by who crossed the finish line first. Those out on the course beyond the 6 hour time limit will have 1 checkpoint deducted from their final total for every 5 minutes late they arrive.

Once the starting gun goes off, the racing is non-stop to the finish line.


Registration for the Sugarloaf Solo is done on a per-person basis at a price of $50/person . Secure online race registration is available via this link.

More Solo Details

The race course is revealed to participants just a few minutes before the race start. You will be given maps with race checkpoints printed on them. You will have up to 6 hours to visit as many race checkpoints as you can. Some race checkpoints are worth more than others in the score tally, and the the racers with the most points at the end of the day will win the race. You may skip as many checkpoints as you want, allowing inexperienced competitors to bypass any sections with tougher map & compass work than they're up for -- but you don't score points for the skipped checkpoints!

Some checkpoints will be on trails; some checkpoints will be just a short way off the trails; some checkpoints will be a long ways off the trails. Expect a variety in terms of distance, terrain, compass "challenge," etc.

The Solo course is based from the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center, so Solo competitors can return to their vehicles as they would like to resupply for food, water, or any other need.

Mandatory Gear

Every racer must have with them at all times: a compass and a whistle. Every team (or solo athlete if you're not competing as a team) must also carry a functional mobile phone with them for safety purposes. Depending on the weather for race day, organizers may add items to this list such as waterproof jacket, etc.

Finish time

The race course closes promptly 6 hours after the race start, so racing concludes by 6 PM. You may elect to go to the finish before 6 PM; nobody is forced to stay on the course longer than they want! If you return after 6 PM you will be disqualified from the race results, so budget your time wisely.

More information

If you have specific questions not answered here, email us at info[at]UntamedAdventure.com and we'll get back to you.

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