2019 Wilderness Traverse Course

The course this year starts with a long paddle and lots of portages followed by a trek, bike, trek, bike trek and final bike to the finish.

The paddle is about 40 km with lots of portages. Teams will have to carry their canoes about 7 km. There are lots of nice small lakes to paddle and they will finish the paddle at Partridge lake. This leg will take seven to 10 hours.

After the paddle they will trek north through the woods for about 16 km. There are some logging roads but only about 1/3 will be on a road and the rest will be in the bush with map and compass. This trek should take about three hours.

Teams will then transition to the first bike leg. For the lead teams it will be just before dark. They will ride about 27 km to the Frost Centre where they will drop their bikes and undertake a four km orienteering section on the cross-country ski trails at the Frost Centre. For this leg we are using an updated map provided by the Frost Centre. This will be a relatively quick leg and teams should finish the orienteering in one to two hours.

Back on their bikes, teams will ride sw from Frost Centre for about 27 km following an intricate network of ATV trails. Smart teams will stay on main roads but the trails should be relatively dry making the ride pretty easy.

At the Parker lake paddling area teams won't have canoes and they'll have to complete a 10 km trek in the bush. There will be about 2 km of trail and the rest will be bushwhacking amongst the many small lakes and streams. This will be a test for the team navigators.

Finally, they will be back on their bikes for a 30 km ride to the finish near the old cemetery close to Dorset. Overall, there will be about 90 of biking but with the logging roads and dry weather it will be pretty easy riding by normal Wilderness Traverse standards.

A key concern is nutrition and hydration. Teams won't have access to their gear bins for the latter part of the race and must carry enough food and water with them. They will also have to carry both biking and trekking shoes on the latter sections.

The fastest teams should finish about 2 – 3:00 am on Sunday morning. The course is open until 2:00 pm on Sunday for the later teams. There are also cutoff along the route so teams may be forced to take shorter alternate routes to the finish line.
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