Adventure Racing On-Ramp

Presenting the Untamed New England "Adventure Racing On-Ramp" Program

Chances are you've reached this page out of curiousity, or you're looking for a new challenge in life, or maybe you've got a wild streak that 4 days of adventurous fun really speaks to. We're here to meet you halfway.

The Adventure Racing On-Ramp ("AROR" hereafter) program consists of two tracks:

  • The Untamed New England "Buddy Program" is a free service where experienced competitors from multiple editions of Untamed New England, and members of the race leadership team, work together to provide basic mentorship to those new to the sport

  • The Untamed New England "Coaching Program" is a service in concert with Action First Coaching that provides 1:1 coaching in areas of performance, mindset, and putting it all together to make the most of the race opportunity

If you think you have the spirit for adventure racing, but aren't really sure what to do next, this is the area for you. Read on for more details on each of these two AROR tracks.

The Untamed New England "Buddy Program"

The AROR "Buddy Program" is designed to jump-start your preparations for the Untamed New England 2018.

We'll work with you to determine who the best "Buddy" would be for your given circumstances, then schedule phone or online consultations to get you started toward adventure racing success. We generally limit the "Buddy" touchpoints to a total time of 1 hour (for example: 3 sessions of 20 minutes is a general rule of thumb) and we've found it's best to schedule these conversations over a month or two.

Scheduling is flexible and some may prefer to save a 20 minute session for late Spring 2018, for example, to address any final preparation ahead of the race. Others might like a quick weekly touchpoint in rapid succession as soon as possible.

There is no charge for the "Buddy Program" so participants will need to be flexible around the availability and schedules of their buddies ☺.

Buddies in the "Buddy Program"

  • Brent Freedland
    Bio coming soon...

  • Grant Killian
    Bio coming soon...

  • Abby Perkiss
    Bio coming soon...

  • Jason Reed
    Bio coming soon...

The Untamed New England "Coaching Program"

The AROR "Coaching Program" builds on all the aspects of the Buddy Program and adds two key elements.

Element 1

Element 1 is a continued touchpoint with Untamed New England race leadership or "Buddy Program" contacts, roughly once per month to address questions or other race specific points of conversation.

Element 2

Element 2 is the addition of professional sports coaching services from Action First led by experienced expedition adventure racer Sarah Goldman.

Sarah will work with you 1:1, or with your team, on tackling the big race with a healthy mindset and strong foundation of fitness. Action First’s unique coaching style includes both Mindset and MultiSport Coaching. Use both to start moving towards success!

Sarah is a certified running coach through the Road Runners of America. She was also a member of the first ever Ultra Mindset Academy Cohort, during which she was granted the certification of Ultra Mindset Specialist by coach, educator, and acclaimed adventure athlete Travis Macy. Action First's unique focus on both physical and mental fitness enhances clients' success and enjoyment of the training process. Sarah specializes in working with athletes competing at a distance for the first time, whether it be a 10k or 10-day race.

As an athlete, Sarah regularly competes in adventure races ranging from 12 hrs to 7 days. In 2016, she represented the United States at the Adventure Racing World Championships in Shoalhaven, Australia. Sarah is excited to be returning to the World Championships again in 2017.