What's Going On?

We recently announced our plans to organize a 2018 Untamed New England Expedition Race. The rationale was simple: it had been too long.

While there have been plans in the works for some time, we're excited to now share race dates, host location details, and welcome teams by opening event registration. All of the absolute latest is at the Race Overview page and this section will focus on news or other media-related pieces of information.

Untamed New England: what's going on?
Thanks for your interest in the Untamed New England Expedition Race!

Press Releases & Background

  • Press release May 31st 2017: Untamed New England Expedition Race Returns!
  • [Background] These are some the materials shared with registered teams in preparation for the 2014 edition of the race. This will give you an idea for what to expect ahead of July 2018:

    Captain Communication #3 (a few weeks before the 2014 race)

    Captain Communication #2 (3 months before the 2014 race)

    Captain Communication #1 (6 months before the 2014 race)

    Each edition of the race is vastly different, but the above 3 PDFs from the 2014 race shed light on what teams can prepare for in terms of race information leading up to the event.

Untamed Race HQ Blog Feed

Thoughts from Untamed New England race management as we head into the 2018 event

4 ways to undermine your preparation for Untamed New England published 10/3/2017

Race Director joins the TA-1 Podcast to talk Untamed New England published 5/31/2017

Some organizational history of Untamed Adventure Racing published 5/16/2017

Official race logos (click for higher resolution)