Untamed New England Race Location

Team Untamed New England

For the 2018 edition of Untamed New England, we're taking a different approach to the officially announced "race venue." In an effort to bring the race closer to the population centers of New England, the official "race venue" will be the college town of Durham, New Hampshire.

Race formalities will be based from facilities at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, such as team check-in and the official welcome orientation (see the schedule for more on this).

University of New Hampshire The race will feature a "transportation experience" for Untamed New England teams on Tuesday afternoon and evening, July 24th. Teams will be brought to the secret race start and a more thorough race briefing will take place that evening, along with a pre-race meal.

The race course will only be revealed the evening of July 24th; and it's a long way from Durham, NH. There will also be a "transportation experience" for teams finishing the race that will return them to Durham, NH and the lodging we've secured for teams in town.

Accessibility to Durham, NH played a big part in our selection of this town. The following are suggested drive times from select cities to Durham, NH:

  • Boston is 1 hour, 20 minutes away
  • Hartford CT is 2 hours, 30 minutes away
  • New York City is 4 hours, 30 minutes away
  • Montreal, CA is 4 hours, 40 minutes away
Durham, NH also has train service with Amtrak making daily stops here on the "Downeaster Route" from Boston, Massachusetts.

Besides easier accessibility to major metropolitan areas, Durham is a vibrant college town with many restaurants, shops, and amenities within easy walking distance of the race facilities.

True to our ethos since the beginning, the 2018 Untamed New England Expedition Race will feature a challenging wilderness course taking teams on a journey to remember. This is, truly, more an adventure than a race!



  • 4 day non-stop expedition adventure race
  • Trekking, Paddling, Biking, Orienteering, and more
  • Experiences to last a lifetime


  • Tues, July 24th to Sun, July 29th 2018